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ASE Accessories
Anesthesia Accessories

ASE can supply a full line of anesthesia machine accessories, including:


Preset regulators   50 psi preset regulators for oxygen, nitrous oxide and specialty gases. Single or two-stage available.
Adjustable regulators   Adjustable regulators for oxygen, nitrous oxide and specialty gases. Used when a line pressure other than 50 psi is required.
Hose and Fittings
Hoses   Oxygen, nitrous oxide, and vacuum hose. Conductive and non-conductive.

Hose ends, connectors and quick-connects in all common fittings.

Flowmeters   Oxygen flowmeters for critical care applications. 0-8 or 0-15 liters per minute.
Vaporizer accessories
Vaporizer adapters   Vaporizer adapters, fittings, manifolds and mounting brackets. Allow use of precision vaporizers on machines not originally designed for them.
Breathing system accessories
Pop off valves   Scavenging pop-off valves, fittings and hose. Prevent contamination of the operating room with waste anesthetic gases.
Manometers   Pressure gauges and manometers.
Breathing bags   Breathing bags for small and large animal systems. Breathing hoses and Y-pieces.